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by ericknight

Since my last post, the Government has had a leadership spill, lost its Foreign Minister, and regained another. Sorry for being a bit slow to update.

I inadvertently got caught up in the drama. I had arrived in the ABC studios in Sydney to be a guest on ABC the Drum with Judith Sloan from the Australian and Michael Gleeson of Hawker Britton. I got talking to someone in the foyer and arrived just before 6 to find the studio in pandemonium. Cameras were diverted to Washington where the Foreign Minister was speaking live from an empty hotel lobby. The response in the studio was mixed. Some were elated that their show had been bumped and could get home early. Others were less cheerful about the Government in crisis. When I mentioned casually that it brought forward the prospect of an election I got death stares from a few cameramen.

The producers bumped Alain de Botton. He had been invited to talk about his new book Religion for Atheists. I’d stored up a great story to use on Mr de Botton in case we got stuck with no material. It didn’t turn out that way in the end. He left for dinner and they asked if I would do 3 minutes on Reframe and the Labor leadership. My thoughts have been lost somewhere in the 24 hour news cycle but a friend in Darwin saw it. I have a related piece coming out on it soon in the Spectator.

If you want to know more and you’re in Sydney this week come to Gleebooks on Wednesday! I’ll be speaking with Tanveer Ahmed on the book and other things. It should be a good night and we’ll kick on across the road afterwards.

Eric Knight in conversation with Tanveer Ahmed

Gleebooks – 49 Glebe Point Road

6pm for 6.30pm with a book signing afterwards

More details here

I’m also on James O’Loghlin Sunday Evenings on ABC local radio. I’ve already done the interview but I think they’re playing it this week or next. Tune in if you’re keen to learn about fish colonies in Turkey, participatory budgeting in Brazil, ambient orbs and more!

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