Eric Knight is a senior lecturer at Sydney University Business School, where he teaches on lean start ups, innovation and leadership. He is the author of Reframe, and is a director of a listed med-tech company. He is engaged in helping young people build new products and businesses, and pursuing careers as entrepreneurs.

Eric previously worked for the Boston Consulting Group where he advised businesses in the mining, media, and healthcare sectors, as well as in government. He has served as an independent economics adviser to a number of organisations including the OECD, the United Nation and the World Bank. He completed his doctorate at the University of Oxford as an Australian Rhodes Scholar. He is a visiting research fellow at the University of Oxford.

Eric’s research focuses on building agility inside large organizations, especially those facing technology change. He has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, the Drum, the Spectator and the Monthly, and has appeared on ABC and Sky News. His first book, Reframe, was launched by Malcolm Turnbull and described by Matt Ridley as “an original and vital contribution to understanding politics”. His second book, Why We Argue About Climate Change, makes the case for greater decentralisation of decision-making in public sector management. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife.

Buy copies of Reframe here and Why We Argue About Climate Change here.

Praise for Reframe:

“An original and vital contribution to understanding politics” – Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist

“This is one of those books that’s exciting if you agree with it, but even more exciting if you don’t. Eric Knight is provoking us to consider not just what we think, but how we think.” – Waleed Aly

“Eric Knight asks us to apply a different lens when looking at some of our trickiest problems. And by doing so we do indeed find new solutions. Great insight and intriguing reading.” – Hans-Paul Bürkner, President and CEO, Boston Consulting Group

“The extraordinary breadth and depth of Knight’s knowledge, and the scale of his insights, place Reframe in the rarefied company of books like Blink, The Black Swan and Freakonomics.” – Lev Grossman, senior writer, Time Magazine

“Not only is it well written and entertaining, but Reframe turns conventional thinking on its head and leaves one asking, what if?” – David Gonski AC

Reframe is written in a positive, fresh voice that is accessible to a wide audience, including those new to politics.” – Bookseller+Publisher

“A lucid, wide-ranging argument for counter-intuitive thinking.” – Sun Herald

‘Knight is an accomplished writer, not just logical and lucid but also consistently interesting and challenging,’ – the Age