Solving ‘race’ and other stuff with John Safran and Waleed Aly

by ericknight

Walking into the Tardis studios in the ABC, you get the impression it’s been there for a long time. Pictures of athletes, in black and white, hang on the wall with old-school microphones held to their faces. Noni Hazlehurst also hangs there. The set from Playschool is still strangely familiar to me. I obviously did a lot of my best work watching that show.

I was in the studio yesterday to do a series of radio interviews. Tardis is the booth you go to when you’re speaking on a program outside of Sydney. You sit in a little room with a microphone and talk to a blank wall. I was on Steve Austin’s morning program in Brisbane. I then left Tardis to speak with Richard Glover on 702 Drive in the afternoon. Richard is a super energetic guy and we had a great chat. Sitting in the studio,  it reminded how much of Drive is taken up with traffic reports!

In the evening, instead of heading out early on a date for Valentine’s Day, I was on air with Waleed Aly and John Safran on Radio National Drive. You can hear it here. John Safran pulls out some hilarious stuff on his show Race Relations…all of it slightly kooky. I think he must have worked out pretty quickly that I’m Eurasian because his first comment on the book was the picture of the back. Safran, of course, has Asian heritage as he explains here. You’d think between a Jewish guy, a Muslim and an Asian, we’d have solved the world’s race problems. Reading today’s papers, looks like Reuters missed the show.

I’ll be in Dymocks George Street, Sydney today 12.30-1.30pm signing books. If you’re at a loose end over lunch swing by and say hi.

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