SMH Opinion: Make It In Australia

by ericknight

Around the corner from where I live is the old Bond’s singlet factory. For decades the place employed hundreds of workers, weaving the singlets that men and women have worn proudlyin this country for over half a century. It’s shut down now. For a while it was a cafe. More recently it was an art gallery. The building has been restored. But it remains a testament to a time when Australia made stuff.

We still do make things in Australia. They just look different to before. Drugs, chemicals, and mining robotics are being produced across the country without our being fully aware of it. It’s a growth industry, but if more can be done to support advanced manufacturing in Australia, it is the private sector – venture capitalists and growth-led private equity investors – who could have greater confidence in Australian industry. Often it’s Americans who must fly down under to invest in our start up companies. And for one of the world’s largest funds under management industries, we have a remarkably small pool of VC down here.

I have written a piece in today’s SMH here which interest. Feel free to post your thoughts below. Another related piece is here.

I’ll tackle this topic at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday with Alec Cameron, Dean of the Australian School of Business, Alan Noble, head of Google Engineering Australia, and Martin Rogers, CEO of Prima Biomed. We’re sold out, but there should be links into the Festival of Dangerous Ideas event afterwards.

In case you arrive early, I’ll be adjuciating the soapbox gab fest at the Opera House forecourt from 11.45am so come up and say hello. Otherwise join us for a drink at Opera Bar after the event from 4pm

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