Festival of Dangerous Ideas – October 1st at the Opera House

by ericknight

For those of you in Sydney on October 1st, come down to the Opera House and get involved in the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

I’ll be hosting a panel on Australian entrepreneurship, but I really want to get to the bottom of a couple of things which have been bugging me since coming back from the UK. Is Australia really the country to return to if you want to sell a big idea? And what would it take to have an Australian Mark Zuckerberg?

We’ve managed to pull together a few good speakers. Alan Noble, head of Engineering in Google Australia and an Australian-born Silicon Valley start up entrepreneur, is going to be there. So will Martin Rogers, head of Prima Biomed. I recently learnt he is commercializing a cure to ovarian cancer. I’ll also have the pleasure of interrogating Alec Cameron, Dean of the Australian School of Business.

Are we just a lucky country – a faraway island blessed with mining – or something much more? Come and find out.

Kick off is 2.30pm.  We’ll head to the Opera Bar for a drink and informal chat afterwards.  Tickets are selling fast, so book now here


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