ABC The Drum Opinion: The recipe for brain food

by ericknight

Sit at a kid’s birthday party and it doesn’t take long to work out what parents worry about. Leaving aside good looks and charm, all parents want their kids to be smart. That’s easy to work out. What’s harder is working out how to get there.
Statistics on schooling hardly make weekend reading. But the My School website has drawn a wide readership. The website should be applauded for trying to give power back to parents and principals in how their schools are managed. But it doesn’t necessarily provide the information we all need. Knowing how much money is going into public schools is one thing. Far more important is finding out whether teachers in our public schools are any good.
There’s no easy answer to this question. To start unwrapping the hidden dimensions I have written a piece for ABC Unleashed. We all want better education for our kids. I want to know how we achieve it. If you’ve got the answers, then please comment away. It’s over to you…

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