Keep the verity

by ericknight

If you’re in the habit of driving around Balmain of a mid summer’s day you”ll notice something different about the place. Someone has gone around and stuck up ‘Keep Verity’ posters on every second corner. You’ll be please to know these are not permanent installations to the heritage suburb. There is a state election coming up in NSW and Verity Firth is coming up for re-election.

Of course, you already knew that. Just not for the reasons Verity wants you to. These days, people pay good money for things to go viral on the internet. But there are still some ways to do it for free – like, for example, if you give a press conference similar to this one.

Click here.

It’s hard not to cringe hearing Verity speak. There are any number of reasons to have sympathy for her. It might outrage you that we place the personal lives of politicians under such scrutiny. Maybe we have unrealistically high moral standards for our politicians (I have been told everyone, just everyone in gen x was doing e). Or then again, there may just be the good old-fashion desire for the truth. Keep verity, indeed.

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