Starting out

by ericknight

Tom Spencer’s┬ánickname is Spanner. It’s well-deserved. Not only is Spanner a good bloke and a great friend. He is also good for a bit of computer coding. This website is evidence of that fact.

To be fair to Spanner, we did receive some help from WordPress and a software designer called Chris who is by all reputes a perfectionist when it comes to matters of design. Spanner and I both agreed that being a perfectionist in design is like being a perfectionist in building sandcastles. It is traumatic trying to keep up with changing tastes.

Taste is of no importance on this website. It’s all about outlandish opinion. After three years of dithering, this website has finally arrived. Apologies for the delay. It took me longer than expected to come up with something to say. Now the time has come to step out.

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