Reframe is here!

by ericknight

It’s taken several years of work, but REFRAME finally hit bookshelves across Australia this week!

I first got news it was on sale when my cousin messaged me from Manuka to say he’d bought a copy in Canberra. It was then spotted in Melbourne airport and Potts Point. I finally saw it yesterday when I walked into Dymocks on Hunter St in the city and signed a heap of copies. I was going to upload a picture -it’s on the bestsellers shelf! – but my computer isn’t cooperating.

You can buy the e-version here and buy delivered and discounted hard copies here.

Reframe is the story of how we make really big decisions in a world with short attention spans. One of my colleagues turned to me last night after reading a few chapters and said it took him until chapter 3 to realize what my thesis was.”You’re not necessarily telling us Eric Knight’s answer to every problem,” he said. “You’re telling us how to solve the problems ourselves.”

I’ve got The Essay in today’s News Review. It’s being published in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Buy a copy today! It’s 1700 words on some of the big ideas from the book.

If you want more, I’ll be giving a talk at Stanton Library at 1-2pm on Thursday this week. It will be the tale of some the personal stories from the book.

The details are here and below:

Where: Stanton Library, 234 Miller St, North Sydney

When: Thursday, February 9th

Time: 1-2pm

Cost: Free, with book signing

More news soon, but happy reading!

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